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The Pride Has Moved

Posted by willardr2 on November 19, 2007

The Pride newsletter is now located at: 

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Honor and Respect

Posted by Stewart Pratt on November 11, 2007

It was our privilege to host a Veteran’s day assembly Friday afternoon.  The last week in October we notified parents through our email system that we would be having an assembly and if they knew of a Veteran we invite them to join us.  We received numerous email responses thanking the school for supporting the Veteran’s.  The Veteran’s represented theaters of combat from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq.   WHS NJROTC provided leadership for the assembly along with amazing armed and unarmed drill work.   Captain Tong was our guest speaker and provided a powerful message discussing the history of Veteran’s Day and the meaning to serve our country.   The end of the assembly was a moving experience, the WHS students and staff gave our Veteran guests a standing ovation with cheers, whistles, and thunderous applause.  For at that moment, 1200 clapping, cheering students and staff demonstrated honor and respect for our guests who gave, or currently giving, for our country.  After school on Friday I went home and reflected upon the assembly.  I logged on to my computer and looked at scanned pictures my father gave me of my grandfather in WWI with gas mask and full gear ready for departure for France.  Grandpa is gone, and I do not think I ever comprehended the price he paid for my freedom to think, speak, and demonstrate my beliefs in our great country.  I challenge you to find a Veteran and thank them for their service.  Have a great Veteran’s Day weekend.

Stewart Pratt

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WCCF Harvest Gathering

Posted by kmedlin on November 5, 2007

One aspect of life around Willard that becomes quickly apparent is the fact that our community supports children! Three years ago the Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation was started. Last Friday night, the WCCF Board of Trustees held a “Harvest Gathering” to say thank you to all those that have donated. Since the inception of the WCCF, donations totaling well over $60,000 dollars have been received. Several grants have been disbursed to children for several different needs including:

 Willard Fire Department
 Willard Intermediate Library
 2006 Two $1,000 College Scholarships
 2007 Three $1,000 College Scholarships
 Health / Dental Grants (individual)
 Skin Disorder
 Neurological
 Counseling
 Dental
 Vision
 Hearing

I am very proud to be an active donor to the WCCF. What is important is that I share that honor with over 200 other Willard Community Members. I believe that the WCCF has a vision for the future generations of Willard and is helping that vision come to life with every dollar donated to the cause. If you have questions or would like to become a partner in the WCCF, please contact Sherri Callahan at 742-2584.


Dr. Kent E. Medlin

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RTI – The Next Step

Posted by sgold on November 2, 2007

The Special Services Department would like to send out a special thanks to the administrators and CARE teams that participated in the Response to Intervention (RTI) training this week.  We’d also like to thank Conco Quarry for allowing us to use their training center.  Karen Kroh, an RTI trainer from the
Kansas City area, spent two days with our CARE teams, helping them to develop a plan for implementing research-based intervention strategies in our schools.   The teams worked very hard to develop an efficient way of coordinating efforts for at risk and struggling learners.  They established group norms, defined roles and duties for each team member, and developed a plan for marketing this innovative approach to our staff, parents, and community. 


We are very excited about the opportunities that RTI allows us.  Other districts who have implemented this approach have seen marked improvement in MAP scores, attendance, student motivation, positive school climate, and community support.    RTI, combined with our already established programs through the Special Services department and alternative school programs, will allow the Willard school system to meet the needs of an ever-growing population of struggling learners more effectively.  We are truly blessed to work in a district with so many faculty members dedicated to improving student achievement; and, we look forward to seeing the positive effect this program has in our district.  Thank you again to all who took part in this ground-breaking endeavor.      

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Willard North Continues To Be A Busy Place!!

Posted by rbishop on November 2, 2007

Willard North has been so busy the past few weeks!  We had a wonderful Red Ribbon Week!  We had Crazy Hair Day, Wear Your Oldest WOW Shirt Day, Pajama Day and Twin Day!  The kids had so much fun!  Thanks to Kenda Chappell and the drama students from the high school for putting on an excellent show!

I would also like to take this time and thank our wonderful PTO!  They provide us with so many things!  Last week during our conferences, a wonderful meal was served to our staff that was prepared by our PTO families.  As a school we are thankful and blessed! 

Tonight our Read-A-Thon Reward Party will take place!  Louie from the Springfield Cardinals will be here, we will have inflatable jump houses, dinner, limousine rides, and I will be dealt my fate with “Deal or No Deal”.   The Read-A-Thon was a huge success and the PTO profited $5,800.00 !  Over 60,000 minutes were read by Willard North students!

Have a wonderful week!

Rhonda Bishop

Willard North Principal

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Willard Central Elementary 11/2/07

Posted by smedlin on November 2, 2007

Willard Central students were “treated” to a great week this week. On Wednesday, nearly 100 parents flooded WC for the Fall Parties. Students were spoiled to have their parents provide candy treats and fall games and activities. The time together made for a memorable afternoon. On Thursday, the 2nd grade treated the entire school to a sneak preview of their musical concert “No Turkey for Perky”. In this program, Perky is the Hanks’ dog who unfortunately is no longer treated to Thanksgiving Day turkey when pepperoni pizza becomes the substitute for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The 2nd grade did a wonderful job on their concert Thursday evening while getting everyone in the mood for the upcoming holiday.

As we look ahead to next week, please plan to stop by school and pick up your Mr. Z’s fundraising items on Thursday, November 8th after school. Items will be prepackaged and ready for pick up in the gym after the dismissal bell.

Have a wonderful weekend, GO TIGERS, and continue to “Reach for the Stars.” — Shane Medlin, Principal

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Appreciation for the Willard Board of Education

Posted by kmedlin on October 29, 2007

I appreciate our members of the Willard Board of Education. These seven individuals volunteer hundreds of hours per year to help make Willard R-II a great place for learning. Like any other area in education, in order to be a quality board member you must be dedicated to continual professional development. This weekend Willard Board Members participated with board members from across the State at the annual Missouri School Boards’ Association meeting at Lake of the Ozarks. This workshop offers training on many levels of public education. Participants may choose from topics of School Finance, NCLB, Professional Learning Communities, Superintendent Evaluations, School Law, and many, many others. Many times ideas are generated though simple discussions with other board members from around the state. I am sure that they would have rather been at home watching football, or catching up on chores, but once again they took the time out of their schedule to help the district improve. I appreciate their time and efforts for our district.


Dr. Kent E. Medlin
Superintendent of Schools

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Willard Central Elementary

Posted by smedlin on October 29, 2007

Last week was an action-packed week at Willard Central! Mrs. Gromer organized a wonderful Red Ribbon Week to remind our students about the importance of making healthy choices. We would like to thank Chief McClain from the Willard Police Department, Mrs. Chappell and the Willard High School Drama Department, Louie from the Springfield Cardinals, and Reverend Tim Banks from MADD for taking the time to share with WC’s students about making positive choices.
Last week was also Student-Led Conferences. Students were able to sit down with their parents to demonstrate what they learned about during the first quarter of school at various centers before meeting with the classroom teacher. I would like to thank the WC special area teachers for providing sibling childcare during conferences to allow for uninterrupted time for students to share all of their learning with their parents. These teachers provided childcare for more than 90 kids. WC would also like to thank PTO for providing a wonderful dinner to the teachers on Tuesday evening. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Student-Led Conferences were a wonderful success.<br />
dscn0968.JPG dscn0984.JPG dscn0976.JPG
To complete our action-packed events for the week, our librarian, Mrs. Roth, hosted the Book Fair. Thank you to her and to the wonderful parents who volunteered to manned the Book Fair for making it a success!
With all of the happenings of last week, the 3-day weekend was greatly appreciated by staff and students alike. As we look forward to this week, we will have our Fall Parties at 2:45 on Wednesday and our 2nd grade students will have their music concert on Thursday evening at 7:00. We have another wonderful week ahead of as we continue to “Reach for the Stars” at Willard Central. –Shane Medlin, Principal

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Master Teacher in Special Services

Posted by sgold on October 24, 2007

It’s been a busy week in special services classroom across the district as teachers prepare for conferences, IEP meetings and classroom instruction.  While visiting classrooms and observing our teachers in action, I was so impressed with Willard Intermediate teacher Lani Triplett and her gracious manner in dealing with students and staff.  Lani’s Study Skills class was a hive of activity as ten students with a variety of special needs required her constant assistance and teachers brought in missed assignments. Lani’s responses to each of the many demands of her role were consistently calm, positive and in the best interest of her students.  Her skill in pairing higher functioning students together to work, providing one-on-one instruction to others, while tracking completion of work was second to none. Despite the juggling act involved in effectively balancing these demands, signs of frustration or impatience were never shown. It was obvious Lani has earned the respect and love of her students with special needs. One, who required help in completing the district student survey, stated Mrs. Triplett is a “teacher who always cares about me.”   

Lani is a master teacher and we are proud she is a part of our special services staff!

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Posted by kmedlin on October 19, 2007

My wife Angie and I had the pleasure of attending the Ozarko Showband Festival at Missouri State University.  It was amazing.  Willard came away champions once again.  The fact that we won the competition is not the most important part of the day.  We were able to see 240 students working together as a team!!!!  They looked like an army when they were walking toward the performance.  Mr. Church, Mrs. Meraz and Mr. Chapman, all pour their heart and soul into their kids.  In the end it does not matter that we are the largest, it matters that they perform and act as a team.  These kids are truly fun to be around.  The day was filled with fun, camaraderie, and pride.  They are committed to each other, to the band as a whole, and to their community.  It is a great feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  I know that feeling everyday that I come to work.  Great job to the Cutting Edge!

Have a great weekend!


Dr. Kent E. Medlin

Superintendent of Schools

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WIS Prepares for a Busy Week

Posted by tomdavis on October 19, 2007

Next week looks to be quite a week! We will be hosting parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4-7:30 pm. We hope all our parents can be in attendance.

Our library is currently hosting the book fair that will continue through Thursdy evening. Mrs. Staley has had a big smile on her face all week as our students are so excited about visiting the book fair. Next week is also red-ribbon week and on Tuesday we look forward to our red-ribbon assembly with a presentation from the high school drama group. During this assembly we will also recognize the winner or our classroom school vision competition. The winning class will be treated to a lunch from McDonalds.

We will also be celebrating spirit week in conjunction with red ribbon week. Each day our students will be able to participate in the “theme” for that day.

Monday: Decade Day
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Team Day
Thursday: Tiger Pride Day
Friday: No school!

We look forward to everyone showing thier school spirit and desire to be drug free by participating in our spirit week. I don’t think we could fit anything else into the week if we tried!

Special recognition goes to all the participants from the WIS running club that participated in the Sunshine Run. What a group! Over 70 of our students and parents were in attendance.
[rockyou 87945515]

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